Saturday, November 10, 2012

Berghaus Asgard Hybrid JKT review

Asgard Hybrid is not quite UL piece of clothing, but neither it´s heavy nor bulky. It has a great warm to weight ratio with 430 grams of weight in size L - I think it´s a great weight for a winter insulation jacket with adjustable hood and full zip. This jacket is specific not only by the use of hydrophobic down (700 fill power) but also in its hybrid concept - the hood, shoulders, arms and down part of the jacket (areas with high possibility to become wet first) are filled with synthetic insulation Primaloft One. Outer material is light and windproof Pertex Quantum.

You can see the longer back cut, two way full central zip, inner mesh pocket, elastic wrist bands and adjustable hood.

I really appreciate the innovation spirit in Berghaus and this jacket caught my attention very quickly. 

From UL point of view it´s ideal choice for winter trips, because a piece of clothing weighting more than 400 grams in other then winter season is way too much heavy in my opinion.


Different examples of pack size - 4l STS Ultra Sil Dry Sack, Rolled in its hood and in slightly smaller mesh sack

How does the jacket perform in field? I worn it in different conditions and during different activities - snowshoeing, winter climbing in High Tatras and fast hiking / running as a back up. I am pretty sure I didn´t have to face some really demanding and mainly very wet / damp conditions, because the jacket always performed great and never soaked even a little. Hope to face these conditions in future to see how the jacket performs.

Great belay jacket (High Tatras, photo by Lukas A.)

I never felt cold in the jacket, it´s really warm enough for me (for temperatures up to -15C while not moving, wearing Devold Active LS and Berghaus Velum Anorak) and I think I am gonna buy warmer and bulkier down jacket only for polar or high altitudes trips. On the other side - Asgard Hybrid is too much for most spring - summer - autumn trips and I am going to purchase something lighter and smaller (probably just an anorak).

Overall rating
Weight: Normal, but light for a winter insulation jacket
Volume: Normal
Performance: Perfect yet (9 month, various trips and conditions)

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