Tuesday, November 20, 2012

First look at MSR Lightning Ascent 25

After a fairly long research and field testing I have finally purchased new snowshoes. Yes, they are the most expansive on the market, but it really wasn´t the reason to buy them.

I wanted:

- high quality and durability
- lifetime warranty
- made in Europe / USA / Canada
- low weight
- "all terrain" type

All above mentioned demands were fulfilled by them. I am really impressed with the quality of used materials and with the awesome MSR craftsmanship. Two thumbs up!

I measured 883 grams for one snowshoe, so it should be 1766 grams for pair, it´s better than the official 1785 grams =).

The only other competitor was the famous Elite model made by Northern Lites, another great American company. Elites are truly UL snowshoes, but they don´t offer the same traction as the MSR and adding the fact I have to pay taxes and shipping, which would make them even more expansive then MSR, make me to stay with Lightning Ascent (but I definitely want to try Northern Lites in future).

I really want to try them ASAP, so I am keeping my eye on the weather forecast for nearby mountains here in central Europe =).

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