Friday, November 2, 2012

Some news before weekend

Just in short - I am very happy today, because Hendrik has mentioned my Berghaus Velum Smock review in his "Week in review" - it´s quite surprising for me and it definitely support my effort to write more.

I also tried Five-Fingers for the first time and I am supposed to buy a pair tomorrow - really need to start increasing the endurance and strength of my feet slowly and these "shoes" should help.

The only thing I will have to return is a pair of new Salomon Speedcross 3 CS. I like Salomon running gear a lot, but I found that Speedcross shoes are too tight for my foot after putting them on. I can feel unpleasant pressure in the middle of the inner side inside the boots - not good.

Anyway, I am still considering hot to solve my shoes system both for trail running and hiking - want a pair of trail runners for winter use, which I can combine with overboots for multi days winter hikes and of course run in them during winter and cold autumn. Speedcross is out of the game now so I am looking for alternatives.

Enjoy your weekend!

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